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We remain there for only one night, and it is the ideal location for chill and unwinds, the rooms were clean and somewhat calm, and the cost isn’t expensive in any way. I have highly recommended A/C, and the miniature fridge is working great even had any beer to you.

I have been coming into playa del carmen for approximately seven anños now. Staff would be the very best and friendly. My thanks to Paula. Muchas gracias to get a fantastic casa because I call it my house.

Stayed at hotel Wabi two nights before going into Cancun hotel. Our team had plans to visit Xcaret and Tulum; therefore, we did not wish to cover hotel prices once we would be off all day. The picture makes it seem more significant than it is. The staff is quite friendly with their cozumel shore snorkeling map recommendations. I’d certainly stay again.

The price was reasonable, and it had been approximately six blocks to the beach. They had a small sitting area at the front seat, and then two floors had hammocks that you can lay in an attempt to grab a snap.

The resort kitty, Mr. Wabi, has been an extra treat!

We just stayed here one night before moving – what a pity – that is a beautiful location. The wifi was adequate – we did not have any complaints regarding our stay in any way.

Clean, comfy, and very well positioned. Without any of those extras, you don’t wish to cover but an ideal place to enjoy the town. Mostly European guests that prefer to learn more about the areas they see, not to get a comprehensive kind of tourist.

Great place. Pet-friendly they have to beautiful cats who play the guest. We left our adolescent daughter here one year ago by herself for two weeks to study Spanish, and not merely the staff were quite helpful and kind to her also helped us to organize matters for her manner beyond their obligation.

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